Osuna Announces Battle With Mental State

Source: Nick Turchiaro/USA TODAY Sports

Source: Nick Turchiaro/USA TODAY Sports

People who read my articles and follow me on social media understand my writing style. They know that my content will be informative, yet humorous or satirical. Yet, yesterday afternoon I got a notification on my phone that announced "Osuna struggling with mental illness, feels 'anxious and lost'." When I read that, everything around me seemed to stop for just a second, and my heart poured out to him.

Any type of mental illness is no joke, and as such, this will be a much different style of article for me.

For a 22-year-old superstar to come out and announce this struggle was not only difficult, but brave. As another 22-year-old that has also had his struggles with mental illness, I commend him for allowing himself to become vulnerable. He's putting his trust and faith into the hands of the city and its fans, and Jays fans need to be there for him.

Here is the breakdown of what Osuna said from Blue Jays reporter Arden Zwelling:

So while Osuna has not been officially diagnosed with a mental illness, any type of mental battle is impossible to ignore. We have seen how mental battles can affect players for life, with Exhibit A being Rick Ankiel and his battle with anxiety while in the MLB.

This is just another reminder that we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Last night I posted a terrible take in response to the one and only Dean Blundell regarding Osuna not being available for the game. Here it is:

Those that follow my social media know I'm not a fan of Mr. Gibbons. Hindsight being 20/20, I was way too quick to judge and came to a conclusion without knowing all the information. Gibbons was just protecting his player like any other manager would have done. For that I say, "thank you."

Source: Rick Osentoski/USA TODAY Sports

Source: Rick Osentoski/USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to remember that Osuna is still so very young. At one point last season he was the youngest player in baseball and was in his second season in the major leagues. Jays fans have been extremely blessed to have a talent such as Osuna.

Time and time again he has brought smiles to our faces. To see him without a smile off the field is not only sad, it's heartbreaking. Now it's time for Jays fans across the nation to show their support and help put the smile back on his face.